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Reflecting and Reviewing 2016

I'm a huge believer in goals. Setting, working toward, achieving, I love the entire process. So as I wind down the 2016 edition, I'm looking at different ways to make 2017 Totally-Awesome-Sauce. (Like this Monkey Lamp.) Today, I reflected on the things I've done for 2016. It's been a busy year with lots of book related travel, a real vacation, and lots of writing in between. I wrote (as of October) 284,266 words. November will add another 15K and hopefully, December, another 44K. Yes, I'm on deadline. Looking just at the first 10 months, that's approximately 28500 words a month. That breaks down to writing Fatality by Firelight, Killer Party, Hospitality and Homicide, and a proposal for Wh

Thanksgiving anticipation...

With Thanksgiving (US) on my mind today, I wanted to pop in and let you all know how thankful I am for my readers and my writing career. It's been a wild four years since The Bull Rider's Brother was published. Now, I have over 20 books available for readers and lots more on my planning board. This weekend, I worked on the housekeeping chores that get put off during my deadline phases. I'm happy to announce I've got two of the five rooms downstairs cleaned and with three more to go, the house will smell all clean and fresh come Thursday. (Those chandeliers are murder to get clean...) (Just kidding, not my house...) I also put together a craft project for a Craft Off that Kensington is putti

Consistency... it's what matters

So, I'm back on the health train. Working out more often, eating healthy, adding fruits and veggies, and limiting sugar. Why? I have several health conditions that could be better at a healthy weight. I've had three doctors and a husband tell me that my inactivity might be hampering my health. (The husband did it in a nice way, which kept him from being in the dog house.) So I'm taking it one day and one meal at a time. This was a travel weekend for me. So I wasn't totally in charge of what was set in front of me for meals. But I could control my portions and limit my sugar. I didn't succeed as well as I'd wanted, but I had some victories. And more importantly, I got on the treadmill every

Coming Soon - 10-11-12

Yep, it's official. I just mailed off a contract extending the Tourist Trap series to books 10, 11, and 12. I have no idea what the books will be about, except of course, Jill, and Greg, and Aunt Jackie, and Toby, and Josh, and of course, Deek. Oops, you haven't met Deek yet. But you will, next summer. I love writing the going's on in South Cove, so if you love reading them, make sure you pre-order both Hospitality and Homicide (May 17) and Killer Party (July 17). That way, my publisher knows you love South cove too. #TouristTrapMysteries #CoastalCalifornia

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