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Happy Holidays...

We're holding the traditional Christmas dinner tomorrow due to my husband's work schedule. We had a lovely date night last night for our Christmas present to each other. I know you all are busy with family events or bringing down that TBR pile, one lovely book at a time, so I'll keep this short. I hope you all have a restful and recharging holiday season. Lynn

Cold, with a touch of snow...

We had summer here for a long time. It was 70+ degrees the night of my last library signing mid-November. And I was perfectly happy with that. It reminded me of my San Diego trip. But now the weather has turned cold -my watch tells me it's 10 degrees out there, and so I'm making some chicken broth and a chicken and rice soup for lunch. I want to make cookies. But I know if I do, I'll eat them all. Every last one. The cowboy likes his Oreo's rather than homemade. He doesn't know what he's missing. I'm sending out my Killer Party cover reveal in my newsletter today. If you're not part of the fun, you can sign up on the website at Happy holidays, keep warm, and I'll chat with

A bonus trip - just the thing I needed to wind up 2016

I went to Galveston with the Cowboy this weekend. We ate too much, walked the beach and took a ton of pictures. And we talked. We've done a couple of these end of year trips now and I'm always thankful for the couple time to talk about what we did right this year and what didn't work out so well. We also focus on our plans for the upcoming year, just to make sure we're on the same track. We both get busy with our lives, sometimes it's nice just to have a time to check in with each other. The nice thing for me was this was a completely unplanned trip. I have most of my travel planning done for 2017, (and even some for 2018) but maybe we'll be able to sneak in another one of these impromptu o

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Or replace your favorite holiday. I went to all the local bookstores yesterday to touch base and sign any stock they had for A Story to Kill. I really enjoyed meeting with the local managers and talking about my book. But wow, the traffic, parking, and crowds reminded me what time of year it is, even if it's raining outside my window instead of snowing. For my crafty holiday, I made Lighted Garland. The instruction video is here - I hope you check it out and enjoy the days before and after your holidays because as we all know, it's the journey, not the destination. Back to my writing. See you all soon. #Christmascraft #AStorytoKill #LynnCahoon #cozymystery #CatLatimerMysteries #TouristTrapM

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