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Release week mania

It's already started. Fatality by Firelight has had three recipe blogs in the last week, a few review blogs, and two character posts. And it doesn't release until Tuesday. So what's up with a release week? Authors try to get the word out about the new book as much as possible. I'm on a virtual blog tour, and I'm doing two library events next week. Later this month, I'll run around to all the St. Louis bookstores and sign stock. Then I fly off to Phoenix for a couple of signings with Laura Bradford. Sales, reviews, timing - it all works together to give the publisher a snapshot of how the book is doing and if they should continue to support the series and the author. I love working with Kensi

The accidental horder

Have you ever felt like a horder? I'm getting close. I have enough books in the house to open my own small library. I've have a pile of receipts on my desk to record in my accounting system. And my husband says we have enough coffee cups for a roadside diner. It's time to thin the madness. But that's hard for me. I love having my choice reading material. And what if I donate a book, just to find later, I love that author? I'm reading the life-changing magic of tidying up and have a strong connection to the joy-sparking idea. I'm starting with my closet. I know what clothes I love and what ones I keep because either I spent too much money on it to get rid of, or I think I'll love it someday

And we're off...

Do you ever feel like you have everything under control, and then, poof, the floor drops out from underneath you. Welcome to my current world. I'm not sure how things got so frantic, but I'm having stress dreams again. That's how I roll, saving roaming puppies and kittens from certain harm while I try to rest my mind. But I've got a plan. Now I just have to work the plan. The good news is I haven't given up on my thirty minute work out time (Country Heat rocks) and this has given me more energy which I need to finish up some stuff before release week explodes in just over two weeks. Not that I'm counting. Have you pre-ordered Fatality by Firelight yet? Nervous and inquiring authors want to k

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