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Shauna from Warm Springs Writers' Retreat takes the stage

NOTE: Since I'm out of town this weekend at Southern Kentucky Book Fest, I thought I'd give the time to one of my friends, I mean, characters. :) This post was first published as part of the Great Escapes Book Tour for Fatality by Firelight on a blog called, The Bookwyrm's Hoard Hi, I’m Shauna Marie Clodagh, and I’m the one that makes Warm Springs Writer’s Retreat work like a fine-tuned clock. I’m also Cat’s best friend. We met in Los Angeles when she started visiting the gay bar where I bartended. No, I’m not outing the girl. She’s as straight as an arrow and is dating that hunk of a guy, Seth Howard. He’s a sweetheart and became a fast part of the Warm Springs team. I enjoyed working ther

Taking a break...

But not for long. I'm in the final pages of the first book in my Farm to Fork series. It's far from really being done as we have many rounds of edits to go through before it reaches readers hands in Spring 2018. But it's so close to being the start of that finished product, I'm giddy. I'm asked about my writing process a lot. And I always wonder what people are looking for? Do they want to know I sit down at my computer every morning and lovingly craft the people they come to know in my book? Or am I a binger? Spending hours and hours getting pages down, then not touching it for days. I'm kind of in between. I don't mind writing 500-1000 words a day in the beginning. Especially when I'm thi

Does what you do define who you are?

Sometimes we’re stuck in the roles we play, child, wife, mother, employee, church member, reader, writer . . . The words that describe the roles in your life allow others to categorize the world around us. We expect certain things from the baby of the family versus the first born, and in most cases, those kids grow up to meet our expectations. But what if the baby wanted to break out of the wild, reckless life he’d been living. The life he’d been expected to live? Break out to find the career and vocation that spoke to his soul. Would we be able to see him as anything but a screw up or playboy, or even bull rider? Jesse Sullivan is facing that exact challenge in The Bull Rider’s Keeper, the

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