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Keeping Secrets

Since I've been out of town this week at a librarian's conference, I thought I'd pull out a retro blog for you. I think you'll enjoy. See you next week... What’s a guy to do when he’s trying to reinvent himself? Rule number 1- Don’t tell your siblings who already think you’re a screw up and rule number 2 –don’t quit the day job. When I started writing The Bull Rider’s Keeper – which is Jesse’s, the bull rider, story—I knew he had a secret. I just didn’t know how big of a change it would be from his cowboy persona. The boy loved art. So much that he was taking classes to become an artist. All without breaking the above listed rules. I knew where Jesse was coming from. After working for over

Enjoying Summer, one day at a time

When I was married before, my life was different. I worked, cleaned my house, raised my child, grew a garden, cross stitched, crocheted -- basically I kept busy. I always thought one day when this thing happened, I'd be happy. But I figured out, life doesn't happen that way. You can't wait for happiness. You have to build it, one day, and one memory at at time. This weekend The Cowboy and I went to Cincinnati. It's our third trip and this time, we stayed downtown across from Fountain Square. The first time we stayed at a cheap motel a little over a mile from the ballpark. The walk was brutal. But now, a few years later, we can laugh about it. Because we survived. The statue at Fountain Squa

Authors in Deadwood

The Cowboy drove me out to South Dakota this weekend to attend Wild Deadwood Reads. Such a great reader event! And I met some amazing authors in the mix. The planning for next years event is starting now. We (meaning he) decided we should camp out rather than stay in the host hotel. Since we took the boys, it probably was a better decision and it turned out to be an amazing weekend. I'm still getting my real life legs under me after the weekend, but I loved road tripping out to South Dakota. My parents were from small towns in the state, so memories from childhood trips were my companions on the ride. How about you? Are you a camper? Or do you enjoy staying in an upscale hotel? #family #Id

Spring cleaning...

Okay, so it's almost summer, but the Cowboy and I took the weekend and finished up a lot of projects around the house. My office has been painted, new blinds installed and I got the whole room to myself. It still needs a few things, but at least I have no excuse to not write now. :) This is the first house I've been able to talk him into painting with a color that wasn't white. The office and several of the rooms are terracotta pot, a brownish orange lovely color that picks up the lights. I also culled my library just a bit. I still have too many books for my five bookshelves, but a girl's gotta have a TBR pile, right? I'm pulling out my WIP and getting back to Angie Turner and the gang. I

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