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Why I love writer conferences - Part 2

It was insightful for me to read my blog post from last week. I'd written that over five years ago, when my writing career was just starting. Back then, I didn't know what I'd need as a writer. I joined up with too many goal setting groups, wrote too many different genres, and wasn't focused on a career. It was a few years of throwing spaghetti on the wall. Now that I'm more settled, I still like a good Bright and Shiny, but they are put aside until I get my work done. And sometimes, that doesn't happen. I'm a cozy mystery author with a side serving of romance, Robyn Carr style. I like my big cast of characters in my romances as well as in my mysteries. That doesn't fit the current mold that

Why I love going to Writer's Conferences - Part I

I thought I'd do a two week special on writer's conferences. The first is all about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I wrote this in 2012 when I didn't go to the national RWA conference. I'd just released a book - The Bull Rider's Brother and I was working getting out as much content that year as possible. This was my take on why I wanted to go... Next week I'll tell you what I'm looking forward to for this year's trip to Orlando. The I’m Not Going to California for Nat’ls Blog Bitter? No. Sad, depressed, grumpy I’m at work? Probably. Face it, RWA Nat’ls ROCK. When you walk in the door, they give you a bag with books. In my opinion, that ranks right up with a restaurant that gives you a loaf

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