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My favorite quotes - What are yours?

I'm in love with motivational quotes. I really like the meme's that focus on positive change. Like this - Or this... Einstein had it right with this... I live by this one... And finally, I'll leave you with this one. Until next week. Lynn #motivation #Lynn #LynnCahoon #Goals #LynnCollins

Gratitude week

On my Facebook page this week, I did a week of gratitude. Sometimes it's so easy to think, I'll be happy when... Or If only I had (enter word here), I'll be happy.... This fall, I'm trying to be happy in the moment. So this post is all about what lately has made me happy... Harry Potter visit Baseball game with my cowboy NASCAR race with my cowboy Vacation with my son and the cowboy. I had at least to moments I won't forget. The ocean walks The dolphin cruise My furry babies What has made you happy lately? Lynn #memories #dolphins #LynnCahoon

Planning for the fall

I've got a few more events coming up between now and the end of the year. I'll be a participating author at Penned Con which is a St. Louis conference fundraising money for Autism. I'll be there Thursday night through Saturday - September 28th-30th. ST. LOUIS CITY CENTER HOTEL & SUITES, 400 S. 14th St.St. Louis, MO 63103 I'll be spending my birthday in New York. I've got a signing with my BFF, Laura Bradford on Saturday at The Book Shoppe, 519 Main Street, Medina, NY from 2-4pm. Then it's off to Lockport, Ny Train: Vineyard Express for a SIX hour dinner mystery train the next day. I might be going on the ghost tour that night too. IF I have my words done for the day. :) Then it's internation

Labor Day check in

When does summer end for you? Back home, it was after Labor Day. Schools started that first Tuesday in September, I had registered for school and got the classes I wanted. Of course, I was a bit of a Hermione as I wanted to take all the classes. I still have trouble with that concept. Maybe it's the writer in me that wants to explore every opportunity. I've found some things are not in my wheelhouse. Like watching a machine make plastic milk bottles and putting labels on the ones the machine got right. (Yep, a real job that sent me screaming back to college my sophomore year.) I look at jobs now and think, I could do that. But could and enjoy are two different things. I'm working a day job

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