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Building in Margins

The universe is talking to me lately. I've had several blogs I've read and workshops I've attended that screamed, SLOW DOWN. The problem is I have a schedule. And the schedule I set, doesn't have margins. Margins are the time in between. So if you think you can finish a project in 8 weeks, you pad and say 10. That way, if you get sick, like I did last week, you have a few days to play with. I'm looking for ways to add in relationship time with my husband as well as friends. And some exercise time for me. Anyone have a few extra hours a week they're not using that I can borrow? Lynn #Margins #Time #Schedules #LynnCahoon #relationships

They let me back in...

I went to Canada last week. It was my first time out of the country. Customs is all very electronic now. A machine reads your passport, takes your picture and asks you a bunch of questions. Then a border guard looks at the information and asks why you are visiting. "I'm attending a mystery conference." She looked at me, surprise in her eyes. "I've seen a lot of you this morning." I guess I didn't look like a mystery author type. But by the time I got to the hotel where the convention was being held, I knew I was with my tribe. Five days of talking about books, plots, contracts, deadlines, characters-- it was a total immersion in the writing world. When I came back to the United States, I wa

Through the looking glass and back

So we had a health scare last month with my husband. The Big C was in play and we both spent a lot of time thinking and talking about what if. Probably more time thinking than talking. But for now, that's off the table. And our lives are back on some what of an even keel. It's not totally forgotten, but we're able to make plans without thinking, what if... Last weekend, I went to Penned Con and spent a lot of time chatting with a good friend who's also an author. It felt good to talk about the business, plans, marketing, and other writer-ly subjects. Sometimes normal and boring are the best conversations in the world. Hold your loved ones tight this week. With all the craziness going on in t

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