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Murder on a Snowy Evening

A Cat Latimer Mystery Book 9


Change is in the air for New Year's Resolutions!

Cat Latimer and her friends have made some changes at the Warm Springs Writers’ Retreat. The new retreat will be a joint session with new attendees and return visitors. The theme? Goal setting for the next year as well as finding the word count magic. First up on the schedule is a joint snowshoeing session. They’ll come back to the warm Victorian for a soup and fresh bread dinner before starting on the more cerebral activities of a January writing retreat.

Included in the alumnus is the widow of a famous local author and past. Confronted with not one but two biographers who are planning very different books about her famous husband, she’s not enthused about going on the snowy bonding adventure.

When the self-proclaimed secret mistress and writer of a sensational tell-all book goes missing, Cat thinks she’s decided to leave the retreat. Then her body is found in a summer cabin owned by the grieving widow.

Can Cat dig out the clues to find who killed the brash young thing or will Cat’s grieving friend lose one more thing to her husband’s death? Her freedom.

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