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June update

I've got a lot to celebrate this month. I've got a book releasing next week. (Tea Cups and Carnage.) I'm signing at Printer's Row in Chicago. (June 11th)

And I've got a brand new website. Check out

It's been a busy year here at Casa Cahoon. We've been out to the cabin a few times, in between my book travels. And last weekend, all I did was enjoy the warm weather, the company, and the scenery. It was like plugging into a recharger.

Now I've got a book due in less than a month and release week barreling down on me. It's crazy, But it's a good kind of crazy. The kind where you know you're working your butt off for a good cause.

Stay tuned here because I'll be shouting out my blog schedule, a few giveaways (check out today's Facebook post) and of course, the book.

Glad you made the trip with me.


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