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Taking a break...

But not for long. I'm in the final pages of the first book in my Farm to Fork series. It's far from really being done as we have many rounds of edits to go through before it reaches readers hands in Spring 2018. But it's so close to being the start of that finished product, I'm giddy.

I'm asked about my writing process a lot. And I always wonder what people are looking for? Do they want to know I sit down at my computer every morning and lovingly craft the people they come to know in my book? Or am I a binger? Spending hours and hours getting pages down, then not touching it for days.

I'm kind of in between. I don't mind writing 500-1000 words a day in the beginning. Especially when I'm thinking about setting, character development, and plot twists. My mind works while I'm not sitting at the computer. Kind of like not thinking of where your lost keys are so you can find them. At the end, the book tends to flow faster, if I schedule time for it to play.

That's what's happening today. We're home for the weekend. I'm writing, the Cowboy is painting and trying out his new rototiller. I've gotten one writing sprint done - 2K and have at least one more today to match it. Then, I'll finish up tomorrow.

I'm really loving this new group of cozy crime fighters. And River Vista is home for me, just a little polished up and the name changed to protect the innocents.

I hope you enjoy Who Moved My Goat Cheese when it releases. I've loved crafting the story for you.

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