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Why I love going to Writer's Conferences - Part I

I thought I'd do a two week special on writer's conferences. The first is all about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I wrote this in 2012 when I didn't go to the national RWA conference. I'd just released a book - The Bull Rider's Brother and I was working getting out as much content that year as possible.

This was my take on why I wanted to go... Next week I'll tell you what I'm looking forward to for this year's trip to Orlando.

The I’m Not Going to California for Nat’ls Blog

Bitter? No. Sad, depressed, grumpy I’m at work? Probably. Face it, RWA Nat’ls ROCK. When you walk in the door, they give you a bag with books.

In my opinion, that ranks right up with a restaurant that gives you a loaf of hot bread right out of the oven the moment you walk in the door. Those kind of places get me.

And that’s how I felt at the conference. I was with 2000 people who understood me when I said, “The voices said…” Or “I was going to kill him off after the dinner, but it felt too staged.” Try having that conversation at the family reunion. You’ll have cousin Ed ducking under the table.

Getting ready for the trip is an event all on its own. I plan out all my workshops, my agent/editor pitches, and my book signings (where I get MORE free books.) Last year, I had a highlighted daily schedule with clothing options for each day all planned.

So, what’s a girl to do when heaven is just outside her financial reach? I’m going to spend my evening finishing my project. While the rest of you are partying, riding the teacups at Disney, and networking, I’ll be polishing my words.

I’m also going to finally finish my Plot and Structure workbook (James Scott Bell). Just me and Mr. Bell, a private study session. (At least in this writer’s mind.) (AUTHOR NOTE - This didn't happen. Yet.)

And since my husband is planning a fishing trip, I’m adding in some local research stops for my weekend, including traipsing through two cemeteries where more Union and Confederate soldiers are buried in close proximity than any other place in the United States. Along with some famous beer barons.

Finally, I’m buying me a nice bottle of wine and watching as many romantic comedies as I can muster.

So, you going to Nationals? If not, what are your plans for the week?

Anyone want to watch Sleepless in Seattle with me?

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