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Season's greetings...

So much going on this week. But first, I wanted to wish you a very, merry holiday season. I love this time of year when I can reflect back on 2018 and forward to 2019. It's like we all take a pause, a breath between the two years. Grateful for the year behind and hopeful for the year ahead, I'm excited that you're part of my life.

Kensington is giving away 100 review copies for One Potato, Two Potato, Dead, book 3 of the Farm to Fork series. As of today, we're at 362 entries. If we hit 1000 by the close of the giveaway (01/05/19), I'll give one reader an audiobook from my Farm to Fork stash. Just email me at after you sign up for the giveaway and let me know.

See you next week.


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