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Corned Beef and Fun...

It's been a busy release week here. Corned Beef and Casualties came out of the gate hard and fast. If you haven't picked up your copy, get it now, before you plan your St. Patrick's Day celebration.

I had dinner with a good friend (and author) on Monday. We caught up, talked marketing and plotting, and planned our next month.

Then on Thursday, I met up with Laura Benedict for her release visit to Left Bank Books here in St. Louis. We met for dinner first. Dressel's fish and chips are amazing. Laura's from Carbondale, IL and is a wealth of knowledge about writing and mysteries.

Finally Saturday, a friend tagged along on my road trip to Ottawa, IL and Prairie Fox Books. Great bookstore, amazing town, and a fun filled drive.

There was a study saying women need to get together with other women regularly to increase their health quota. I think I had a great week in that department. So lucky to have great friends who get me.

How was your week?

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