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The Haunted Life Cozy Mystery Series

A Medium Life

Eddie Cayce was on the edge of setting up her new life in Seattle - including marriage, kids, and a house with a white picket fence. Instead, she found out that her almost fiancé was cheating on her, so she quit her design job over one too many how to run a copier trainings and moved back home to New Orleans to bury her grandmother.


She didn’t expect to inherit not only money but her grandmother’s powers that extended her own abilities to see and talk to the dead. A gift that had been mostly dormant in chilly Seattle came roaring back as soon as the ceremony was performed at the reading of the will. Eddie would like to say she’s settled back in New Orleans, but there are some issues.


Like the fact her aunt is threatening to make her life miserable until she gives her the power. And a new neighbor that is mysterious as well as being not quite human. Now Eddie needs to make sure she’s protected as she builds her new life. And maybe decide which man she’s going to date sooner than later.

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