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A Medium Homecoming

A Haunted Life Cozy Mystery Book 2

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Eddie Cayce has come home to New Orleans. Good or bad, she’s made her bed and now she has to sleep in it, like her mama always said. Even though she loves the town where she grew up, the gift she’d been given from her late grandmother was causing problems. Major problems.

Her aunt isn't talking to her. Eddie’s talent is turned up to the equivalent of a million-watt light bulb. Walking down the street from her newly purchased antique store, she has to dodge questions and demands from the newly and not so dearly departed.

When her marketing associate, Tessa Hunt, dies unexpectedly, her ghost demands that Eddie find her killer, Eddie agrees to make some calls. Now if she could just keep Tessa from pushing her bad marketing tactics from beyond the grave.

All Eddie wants is a little peace and quiet so she can run her new business and find the perfect house. Is that too much to ask? Apparently, the answer is yes, at least in New Orleans.

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