A Medium's Fate

A Haunted Life Cozy Mystery Book 1

Coming July 21st, 2022

When Eddy Casey returned home to New Orleans from her carefully built Seattle life, it’s not just for her grandmother’s funeral. She’s home to stay. More to the point, she doesn’t have any reason to return to Seattle now that she’s broken it off with the almost fiancé and quit her corporate junior designer position over one too many trainings on how to run a copier. 

With the money she’ll receive in her inheritance, she can finally open the antique store she’s always dreamed of – that as long as her ability to see ghosts doesn’t return. In Seattle, her gift had almost disappeared. She was down to seeing the occasional ghost during her morning runs in the Queen Anne neighborhood. But here? New Orleans is filled with the visitors, as her grandmother always called them. And they are finding Eddy and want to chat. 

Can Eddy carve out a real life here among the spirit world?