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The Survivors' Club Mystery Book 3

Rarity Cole is taking full advantage of her second chance at life after recovering from breast cancer—running a bookstore in Sedona and a support group for fellow survivors. She’s also discovered a knack for defeating other kinds of deadly threats . . .

Rarity is excited about expanding the romance section of her store—but not nearly as excited as her best friend Sam is about reuniting with her brother after many years. Marcus makes the trek from C
alifornia to Arizona, is welcomed with a party, and hints that he may stick around now that remote work is an option.
But is it just a coincidence that not long after his arrival, a body is found near a local swimming hole? Especially considering that the dead woman had recently gone on a date with him—and even worse, that Marcus has a startling secret in his past? The police suspect him, but Rarity hopes to find another explanation before Sam is once again separated from her sibling—by prison walls . . .
Includes a yummy recipe!

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