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Murder in a Tourist Town  ebook.jpg

Murder in a Tourist Town

Tourist Trap Novella

Available April 4, 2024

In this delightful prequel to the beloved Tourist Trap mystery series, lawyer Jill Gardner flees job burnout to take a vacation—and finds a brand-new life on the California

coast . . .

Jill’s family law career is in a rut. Watching a client go back to her abusive husband, yet again—and then learning she’s been passed up for a partnership, yet again—finally prompts her to take a break. She’ll have to dip into her emergency fund. But after all those long days in her windowless office, subsisting on leftover cake from the breakroom, it’s time to smell some flowers.

When she arrives in picturesque South Cove on the Pacific coast, she finds friendly residents, a peaceful beach, and nature’s beauty. she also witnesses a shouting match between two business owners with a big score to settle.  And when someone she knows turns up dead in the local coffee shop, she finds the town needs her skills, just as much as she needs the town.  It’s time to set her roots where they belong. 

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