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Reading Between the Lines

The Survivors' Club Mystery Book 4

Coming August 6, 2024

Prolific New York Times bestselling author Lynn Cahoon pens a new episode in the Tuesday Night Survivors Club Mystery series set in a cozy bookstore café in Sedona, Arizona.

Rarity is grateful for many things and people in her new life, including her friend Shirley, who is helping to provide backpacks and supplies for kids going back to school. But Shirley needs a big favor. With her husband in a memory-care home, she wants to attend an art opening with a male friend but fears local gossip. She asks Rarity, her friend Sam, and their boyfriends to come along as cover. It would be fun if not for the fact that the two couples are barely speaking…
The evening proceeds without any social disasters. But when the owner—who struck Rarity as more of a spoiled playboy—is later found dead with an arrow in his back. Any lingering tensions must be set aside so the amateur sleuths can find an archer who may have taken the idea of pointed criticism a bit too literally . . .

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