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Caught Dead to Write

A Cat Latimer Mystery Book 8

Cat Latimer found her author career and her love of writing in a paranormal academy series so when the writers retreat gets a group of all paranormal authors, she's over the moon. However, a local professor is causing waves since she doesn't think the retreat or the authors it hosts is literary enough to be sponsored by Covington College anymore. And she'd taken her complaints to the Dean of the English department.

Cat knows she'll have to fight for Covington's sponsorship, but this week, she's going to enjoy her retreat and the quirky guests. Shauna's put together a coz-play party for the guests in conjunction with a local writers group that meets at the local bookstore. However, the night is cut short when they find the literary professor dressed up as a zombie in the barn. But the professor isn't just playing dead. Can Cat solve the mystery before she's framed in the investigation and Uncle Pete has to arrest her for the murder?

Available in e-book, audio, paperback, and hardback editions. 

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