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Christmas Mittens Murder

Just in time for the holiday season, a new mystery collection featuring cozy mystery novellas by Lee Hollis, Lynn Cahoon, and Maddie Day!

Magic Springs, Idaho, is decked out in its sparkling best for the season, but Mia Malone is almost too busy to notice. Taking a second job at the Lodge to save Mia’s Morsels doesn’t leave her much time for festivities—until she finds a dead body beside two red mittens in the snow outside the Lodge during the holiday party. Suspecting the murder may be tied to a local curse that foretells a string of killings, Mia must race to find the culprit before someone she loves is the next victim.

DEATH OF A CHRISTMAS MITTEN KNITTER by Lee HOLLISThe church’s annual Christmas bazaar is an unqualified success until the local jeweler cries out that a valuable diamond has been stolen. Food writer Hayley Powell joins the search for it but discovers something decidedly more shocking—the dead body of a local knitter with a homemade mitten stuffed in her mouth. With only days to spare before the holiday, Hayley must unravel the mystery of Bar Harbor’s crafty killer before someone else receives a deadly gift.

A quiet Christmas in Colinas, California, at her twin sister’s charming B&B is exactly what Cece Barton after the holiday hustle of Los Angeles. But the morning after a lovely evening at the local wine bar, Cece learns that the bar’s proprietor has been found dead, hit on the head with a bocce ball nestled in one of the mittens she sells as a sideline. With her horrified twin one of the main suspects, can Cece unmask the merry murderer before this becomes a holiday from hell?

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