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Six Stunning Sirens

A Kitchen Witch Mystery

In the latest in the enchanting series by New York Times bestselling author Lynn Cahoon, Mia Malone is looking forward to catering the Miss Magic Springs Harvest Queen Pageant, part of the local coven’s big autumn celebration—until death puts a chill in the air . . .


In a triumph for Mia’s catering business and cooking school, Mia’s Morsels is chosen to host a fall festival event in their Idaho mountain town—which means managing a bunch of stage moms and their social media–obsessed daughters as they get ready for the big beauty contest. There’s a lot riding on the results of the Miss Magic Springs Harvest Pageant—it’s where the winning family receives an inside tract to coven power.


But after one stage mom is found dead and another winds up in the hospital, the coven suspects magical meddling. With a week to go before the coronation of the new queen, Mia must draw on her sleuthing powers to find out what’s going on—and whether this competition has gotten a little too cutthroat . . .

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