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Welcome to the world of Lynn Cahoon -

Who am I?

I'm a story teller. I started thinking about writing stories during a long (school) bus ride home. A high schooler taught me how to tell stories and then cut out pictures from Teen Beat to illustrate them. I was hooked. 

But when I looked at the college catalog, there was no writer track or degree. So I went practical with a Poli-Sci degree. Many years later, I finally started writing and taking craft classes. Then I put it off again.

Finally, God sent me a gift. I had breast cancer. That made me really consider my life choices.  I started writing seriously, again, in between work, appointments, and life. 

Five short years later, I had my first book published. The next year, I release the first Tourist Trap novel. And the next year, I hit my first bestseller list. 

I've been working hard ever since, bringing stories to you. I hope you enjoy my cozy mysteries and hold on for the ride. 

I think my first teacher on that bus would be proud of where I've landed. 


Olive you to Death arrives June 4th!

Olive You to Death .jpg

It's time for Cozy Con East - Groveland, MA on May 18th, 2024 

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