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A Day in the Life of an Author

I’m always amazed at the wonderful experiences I get to have as an author.

Yesterday, after writing about half the words I needed to get down, I drove over to the grocery store and bought mini cupcakes and cookies for my signing at Main Street Books in historic St. Charles, MO.

I love this store. I’m always finding new and fun things to buy along with coming home with a list of books to add to my TBR pile someday. Right now, I’m suffering from a book abundance (total first world problem) and I can’t commit to any new reads for a while. Except one. I did bring one home because you just can’t turn down a Joe Hill read.

In addition to great product (ask about signed Tourist Trap books while you’re there), the store also has amazing customers. I loved chatting with readers about the series, especially the woman who walked in and said she had all of my books already. Way to make an author smile!

One woman is moving to the central coastline of California so she saw my author visit as a sign she needed to buy a book. I totally agreed. (grin)

The best part is when I get to talk to kids about being an author. They love the idea of meeting someone who created a book. Someone who weaves stories. And I love the fact that kids still get lost in books, even with all of the entertainment opportunities out there for our new generation.

So bottom line? If you celebrate the season, I hope you stuck at least one book in the Easter basket you built for today.

And if not, random gifts of reading are always appreciated.

What are you reading?

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