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The disappearing month...

June just got away from me. I've had some additional activities. We sold our boat after a week of two hundred plus inquiries on Facebook. I took a local class given by my RWA chapter. Later that day I gave myself food poisoning and lost two days. Bad bacon. Then I had a conference the next weekend. I've been having some medical issues (besides the food poisoning) and had to have a minor surgery. Oh, and my husband rolled the toy (side by side) during this crazy month. Long story short, I haven't been blogging much. But somehow, page by page, word by word, I finished the fifth book of the Cat Latimer series and turned it into my editor ten days past our second agreed deadline but a day befo

Summer days...

Oh, those summer days… Kid Rock has a song called All Summer Long that reminds me of my first summer out on my own. It was after my first year of college and I hadn’t met my first husband yet. The guy I was dating and I went down to the river to meet friends and talk. There may have been a few alcoholic beverages involved and an illegal campfire. It was a glorious day and one that has stuck in my memory. It wasn’t because the guy was so wonderful, we broke up soon after this day. I can remember his last name, but have no idea on his first name. Or what we were doing so memorable. It was the simple act of getting a group together, talking and laughing. The day was hot and clear with a blue sk

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