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Unplugging - kind of...

I took a few days off last week to go camping at Branson, MO. It's a tourist trap of a different kind. Here, there's a lot of music shows, mostly catering to a person of a certain age, which apparently I'm approaching. But there were lots of family activities. In fact, we talked about doing the fake skydiving adventure. Instead, we hunkered down at the camp site and enjoyed the summer sunshine. We tried our hand at fishing - I caught the first and only fish - a baby catfish. And I read. A lot. It was heaven. I love reading outside in the natural light. This time, I was deep into non-fiction and finished three books over the few days. (Atomic Habits, Big Magic, and The Subtle Art of Not Giv

Making a bucket list?

I was in the Cleveland area this week (crazy traffic). I knew I was near one of the great lakes when I was planning the route at least according to Google Maps. However, I was so focused on my book events, I didn't take the time to get to a viewing point where I could see the lake and maybe even touch it. This is the second time I've missed out seeing one of the big tourist stops. I've been 30 miles away from Niagara Falls and 25 miles away from the Grand Canyon. (If you drive by a place but don't stop, is it even real?) That was my bad so with future trips, I'm going to make a list of things I want to do. Like stop and see the world's largest ball of twine. Okay, so maybe not that one. But

Are you freaking kidding me? It's September?

This year has seemed to fly by. January didn't start well with losing two of our fur family within weeks of each other. The house was too quiet and sad. So in March, we brought home new babies - Quinn and Dexter. They are the bright spots in our day, even when we're cleaning up or replacing things they chewed up or on. My husband keeps reminding me that they're puppies still. About fifty pounds (together) of puppy. The picture above was when they first came home. We have realized we are no longer in charge of the house. They are. :) Last year in early December, Laura Bradford and I did a writers retreat in Galveston around a signing at Murder by the Books. We both made goals and reviewed ou

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