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Murder in Waiting conversations with Jill

While we wait for WEDDING BELL BLUES, A Tourist Trap mystery to release March 1st, I found this blog Jill wrote when Murder in Waiting was just released. I thought you might enjoy...

By Jill Gardner from MURDER IN WAITING by Lynn Cahoon.

Okay, I know I shouldn't say this aloud. And I really shouldn't have it written down any where, but if my BFF Amy Newman asks me to do one more thing for her wedding, she's not going to be married, she's going to be dead. By my hands.

I bet Greg will hate seeing that.

Anyway, I'm Jill Gardner, owner of Coffee, Books, and More, the only coffee shop in South Cove, and definitely the only bookstore. And like all profitable small town shops, we also sell trinkets for the weary traveler to take home to remember their seaside visit. I need to find a local vendor to do these things for me since right now, they all look cheap.

The woman I'm threatening to kill, in a joking manner, that is, is Amy Newman. She's my best friend, the city planner and receptionist, and the best surfer I've ever met. She's also getting married in a few months and has gone from my sweet, laid back friend to a beast. She gave me napkin rings to craft together. Seriously, has she ever met me? Arts and crafts are not my strong suit.

Besides, I've got to figure out what's going on with the Mission wall certification. they're telling me that I called and asked for it to be closed. Then they asked me a question like it's still open. I think they're feeding off Amy's crazy mojo. Maybe it will affect all the town. I need to talk to Deek. But before I can do that, Greg King, my boyfriend has come into the store. He probably just wants some free coffee.

Thanks for stopping by. And if you wouldn't mind not telling Greg I threatened to kill Amy? He might find it funny, but what if he thought I was serious? Besides, the wedding less than three months away. I can deal with her for three months, right?




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