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Watching regular TV

First up - Long story short. I was in the hospital for three days this week - cellulitis - IV antibiotics - feeling better. Probably a dog bite. Feeling a lot better, but still tired. Anyway, with that out of the way, can we talk about television? I mean, WTH. (That should have an F in the initials, but I didn't want to curse.) I watched shows I didn't even know existed. I watched hours of My 600 pound life. It was like a train wreck. I couldn't stop watching. My initial thoughts? Why are all the people from Seattle? Why are they all going to Houston? Doesn't Seattle have weight-loss surgery? Or is this an old series? I loved how the doctor called out the enablers in these people's lives.


I love getting new covers from my publisher. Especially in the Tourist Trap series. Why? Because in most of the covers, we introduce a new business and build a new building for South Cove. Drunken Art Studio is on the same side of Main Street as City Hall. It's across the street from Jill's Coffee, Books, and More shop. And, it's now, part of the small town. At least in my head. What's your favorite Tourist Trap cover?

A busy release summer

Movies are being held up so there aren't any summer blockbusters this year. But my book release schedule is crazy this summer. We just released MURDER IN WAITING - Tourist Trap #11 at the first of the month. Thanks everyone for a strong release week. Next Tuesday (July 14th), I release (under Lynn Collins) the fifth book in my Shawnee Valley Romance (Bull Rider) series - THE BULL RIDER'S MOTHER. The mistakes we make in the past sometimes come back to haunt us despite our best intentions. Just ask Selena Sullivan. (If you like strong family connections and cowboys, this is your series. And it's g rated on the romance. :) ) August 4th - Angie and the County Seat crew from the Farm to Fork se

Release day for an author

Today, MURDER IN WAITING, my 11th Tourist Trap mystery released. With this book out in the world, I currently have 28 cozy mysteries available for sale - two anthologies - and 15 romance novels under Lynn Collins. That's 45 projects out in the world. Not counting my pre-orders or contracted (unwritten) books. So what's a release day look like?? I got up this morning and checked my stats. 10K on Kindle. Not bad. Then I did household finance things, got some bills paid, and did the morning mini crossword. It's fun and since they keep it simple, I feel smart. :) Thanks NYT! Next step, work at the day job at home. Love this except it's harder to separate my work lives. And once I'm done with 8

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