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Release week - A Very Mummy Holiday

Non-traditional holidays - it's kind of my thing. I've spent several Thanksgivings on the road or with friends rather than family. Of course, my mom and my MIL wasn't too happy about our decisions, but we made it up the next year. A Very Mummy Holiday is Jill's turn at a non-traditional Thanksgiving. Of course, dinner is all about family and friends with Aunt Jackie and Harrold showing up (set prior to Killer Party) and a bunch of the South Cove crew. And it mirrors my Thanksgiving in the sand in Oklahoma a few years ago. We didn't have an amazing cabin like the South Cove crew did, but we figured it out. And the emotions and thankfulness of the day was just the same. Pick up A Very Mummy H

New York state of mind...

As a teenager, I talked my mom into sending me on a history tour. NYC, DC, Colonial Williamsburg, and Philadelphia were all on the list of stops. I fell in love with NYC, thought I fell in love with a boy from Driggs, Idaho, and had my heart broke for the first time before I arrived back home from the trip. I never saw Derek again, but I've been back to NYC several times now. This last week, I tripped down memory lane a few times. I visited St. Patrick's cathedral again. I ate lunch in 30 Rockefeller Place and watched the skaters. And I finally visited the Central Park zoo and met the sea lions. Walking by the library, I thought the use of landmarks in story. Like the library and Ghostbuste

Home Sunday

I do a home Sunday post on my FB author page weekly. Mostly talking about how I spend my time on my few free weekends. Talking about food I want to cook. Talking about the pups. Talking about home. Having a home of my own is important to me. I have some issues around safety that like all good solid issues, came from incidents in my childhood. Not blaming here, but I like a good solid house with doors I can lock. Home is also a place where I can keep my stuff. I have a lot of it. For a lot of years, the stuff was my comfort. My good memories. Then I realized I had too much of the stuff. So now I'm going through it and releasing it from my life. This weekend's project was my closet. I needed

New release - Jewel of the Bayou - Lynn Collins

What’s love got to do with it? Uhmm, everything? As a genre, romance fiction gets a bad rap. From being called bodice rippers to porn, ask anyone on the street about reading romance, and you’ll get an opinion. Probably not one we’d mention in polite conversation. So, why do I write romance under the Collins pen name? Because I love the love. Literally. I love putting my characters through hell and letting them find out that if they would just get out of their own way, love might find them. The Shawnee Rodeo series starts with a girl’s weekend for two best friends. You know, the kind of friend who has so much dirt on you, you have to keep her close, no matter what. Lizzie feels a bit lef

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