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July report from the front lines

I didn't travel anywhere (at least for the books - I did go to my cabin for 4th of July. Everything was fine until someone tried to blow themselves up with the fireworks.) It was nice staying home and getting things done. We had a staycation during the hottest time of the year. So we moved my office. I moved so many books, my legs hurt for two days. But I'm lifting right, apparently. The bad news is I found so many books I want to read NOW. And I have no time. We took the babies to the levee and walked. They said it was too hot, even early in the morning. And they had their first grooming. They'll be seven months old next week. Quinn is celebrating by getting spayed. I think she's going to

Cover Reveal - Have a Deadly New Year

Check out Dru's Book Musing here - for a cover reveal. The crazy thing about this book is it wasn't even a thought in my head at the first of the year. And now, it will release on December 3rd. It's a Farm to Fork book so it's set in Idaho, but in Sun Valley, the mountain community that became way too expensive for the locals. At least it was before Boise became a bedroom community for California refugees. When I was a teenager, I spent a week at the Sun Valley Lodge for a state Future Homemaker of America conference. The highlight? Hanging out in the hot tub after the conference shut down for the day with the snow falling into the steamy water. Chef Angie Turner of The County Seat—Idaho’s

My writing life

I'm on a no-travel, no-event month. July usually has a few trips in there for me and there's a few conferences I wanted to attend, but I decided to take a Lynn month. We spent the 4th with friends and family and a few strays down at the cabin. Quinn and Dexter got to play in the water at the spillway for the dam. We had fireworks. And a few adult beverages. Last week I compressed my work week so I could finish a proposal for a secret project. I'm so in love with this story already. I hope my agent feels the same way. It's a stretch for me. One that I was scared of taking for a long time. Finally, I knew I had to get it done and out there for my own well being. I've got a short, staycation sc

Live like you were dying

Some of you know I had breast cancer in 2007. It's part of my author story since having it really kicked me in the butt to start living the life I wanted, including writing. Well, I've been in remission since after getting the trifecta - surgery, chemo, and radiation, but since it was so advanced they kept me on the no cancer pills past the ten years. Last year I had to cancel several appearances due to a hysterectomy that was possibly caused by the anti cancer pills. They switched me to a different pill. So when my oncologist called after my mammogram in May, I was concerned. Went back for a second mammo. Scheduled for a biopsy. Of course, this was all during the Sconed to Death tour, so I

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