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Two months down...

Does anyone else feel like this year is flying? I've got so much on my to do list it's kind of freaking me out. But the good news is I got words in this morning. After I get this blog done, I'll be dealing with a workout. And then mailings to drop off at the post office later this week. My husband was out of town earlier in the month which should mean more writing time for me, but it's hard to be a single when you're used to be part of a couple. I was just getting used to the routine of him being gone, and he's back. Today's he's smoking a chicken in the smoker we bought for our joint Valentine's Day gift. The deck smells amazing. And bonus? I don't have to cook tonight. What's happening

Finishing Christmas...

Actually, it's Santa Puppy, and it's a Tourist Trap novella. Writing these short novellas has been really fun and challenging since they take place in the past (at least for South Cove folks.) Aunt Jackie was just breaking up with Josh that summer. Toby was trying to learn monogamy and failing. And a fan favorite, Sasha was still on staff at Coffee, Books, and More. The first novella, ROCKETS' DEAD GLARE, starts at 4th of July. The second, A DEADLY BREW, covers Halloween in South Cove. And the third, the one I just finished, is a Christmas story. Look for ROCKETS DEAD GLARE to release June 6th of this year and the others soon to follow. I'm hoping the novellas will give you your Tourist Tra

February resolutions check in

I committed to working on three goals this quarter but I think I touched five so far. With mixed results. Goal #1 Learn about marketing. I'm finishing up a class on headlines. It's been interesting and I'm going to take it again next quarter to keep the information in my head. I'm also part of a marketing mastermind group that meets twice a month. I'm learning so much, it's crazy. Score - Good progress. Goal #2 Get healthy by eating better, controlling portion control, and working out. I lost 3.6 pounds in January. Then gained it back due to a lack of willpower while I was sick and more while I was on a book weekend. Back on the treadmill this week. I will be successful in this area this ye

Home again, home again...

Part of the fun of traveling is when you have a partner in crime. Mine is Laura Bradford. She's expanding her writing world into women's fiction this year with her Amish book, A PORTRAIT OF A SISTER. We work hard when we're together. We plot. We brainstorm. And help each other develop marketing plans. Like this trip to Alabama. And that's in between all the events we came to the area to do. It's fun having someone to bounce ideas off and to share experiences with. But it was so lovely to be home again last night with my guy and the boys. First trip is in the books. Lynn #LynnCahoon #LauraBradford #Alabama

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