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Slowing down even more....

I had surgery last week which put me out of commission for just about the entire week. As I'm a list making, get things done fool, this really has me antisy to get back to finishing things. Especially with writing a book and edits and marketing on my to do list. (A Deadly Brew releases next Tuesday. I hope you're looking forward to this peek into South Cove holiday life.) Since I'm not able to sit at my computer and work 8-12 hours a day, I've been thinking. And reading. And watching television. And napping. And slowing down. It's an odd feeling, not having to be anywhere at any time. I nap when I'm tired. I eat when I'm hungry or feeling peckish. And I read when I want to. I finished Slas

Binge watching, anyone?

There's just something about sitting (vegging) in front of the television and watching shows off the DVR. Sometimes I even let them build up so I can have a few hours of entertainment. NCIS is my current favorite. This method of watching (and collecting) shows is so different than when I grew up and if you missed a show, you had to depend on someone else watching and telling you what you missed. My mom was that person for Dark Shadows. She'd turn on the television and then wait for me to get home (I rode the bus.) If it was on the show when I arrived, I'd plop down in front of the television and watch until commercial. Then I'd turn and ask what I'd missed. My mom was a pretty good story tel

Breakfast - Essential or not?

I might have mentioned that I was on a diet/lifestyle change. Well, I fell off a few weeks back but the stuff I learned while I was changing my food choices, has stuck with me. One of the things that I was challenged on was Intermittent Fasting. From what I gleaned from my studies, this practice has you fasting from dinner through the morning. 13-18 hours of no food. Which I agree with to a point. Shutting the kitchen down after dinner is a tried and true method of controlling your food intake. 13 hours is for me, from 8pm to 9am. Which isn't hard at all. Except for those bit and pieces I grazed on while getting ready for work. Others take it to 18 hours which would set you up for eating lun

School supplies

I love this time of year. Displays of new pens, papers, notebooks, name it, you can get it. I have colored pencils to draw my cozy little towns. I have notebooks in a multitude of colors where I plan my week, my month, and sometimes, just my shopping list. My day job always has a school supply collection drive this time of year. My team is putting together 10 backpacks. I bought a pink one with unicorns. I would have totally rocked that in elementary school. This year I bought me some fun colored gel pens. And a notebook that I swear is going to be my journal. Notes on a life well lived. Do you swoon over school supplies? Especially on sale? #lynncahoon #Backtoschool #suppli

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