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Cat Latimer returns in Slay in Character

It's here, it's here!! Slay in Character arrived yesterday at all online and bookstore venues. If you're near a local bookstore, I'd love to see a picture of Slay in the wild. Shoot me a snapshot. Slay was fun to write since the retreat group hits a historic Old West town for their pre-writing adventure. And of course, the shootout in the streets isn't the only death in the story. I hope you enjoy and please leave a review. Staying in character can be murder when Cat Latimer and the members of her writers’ retreat head for a ghost town . . . Cat and the members of her writers’ retreat have just arrived in Outlaw, Colorado, an “Old West” tourist town complete with inhabitants dressed up

Happy Thanksgiving

The dinner is over. The guests have gone home. And the kitchen is almost clean. Football is playing in the other room and I'm working. It was a lovely day. The dogs were good, which didn't used to happen. No barking just because someone stood up or moved. Dinner went well, except for me burning my cranberry sauce. But the MIL brought over the canned stuff, so the day was saved. Hope your day was special, even if you aren't celebrating Thanksgiving. We all deserve a little magic in our lives. I'm going downstairs for a slice of pumpkin cheesecake. Lynn

What I learned in Home Economics class…

(This is a reprint of a 2011 blog, but with the weather changing and my mind turning toward home projects, it's surprisingly applicable.) As a high school senior, I had two conflicting goals. One, I was going to get my degree in marketing and go work in NYC as a buyer in the fashion industry. The other, I was going to meet my Mr. Right and have twelve kids, being the perfect stay at home mom. Neither plan came true. And for that, I bless the fates. Why was I thinking about this? I’m a planner. I always have been. I planned my high school class schedule with a tight contingency plan. I had my fun classes – even then I knew I wasn’t going to be a musical prodigy, but I did work my way u

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