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My top ten witches (and warlocks)

Happy Halloween Month … This is another special blog from my other self - Lynn Collins. I love the feel of fall. October is a special month for me as it’s my birthday (waving hands in the air). Add in amazing weather that begs for walks and bike rides and I’m a happy girl. When I started writing The Council Series, I knew I wanted a witch out of water story. Parris McCall started life in a magical family. But she’s blocked those memories away and is living a different but real life as the owner of The Alibi, a dive bar. Before Parris was outed as a witch, her grandmother had protected the secret, even from Parris. Because that was what she wanted. She thought. I love the idea of explori

Researching or how to make it to the front of the line at the bookstore.

Just for Halloween… Here’s a blog from the other me– Lynn Collins. The witchcraft series is called The Council and available on all digital platforms. For more information – check out my (her) website – When I was thinking about The Council series, I wanted to be accurate in my portrayal of a witch out of water. Parris McCall doesn’t know she’s a witch when the story starts. Sure, weird things are more likely to happen to her than to others. And once, when head cheerleader, Brittany the bright, made fun of Parris, one too many times, the queen bee’s hair turned pink. In English class. In front of the entire junior class. When she got home from school that day, Gran

A Deadly Brew is today's Kindle Daily Deal

Pretty cool, huh? (And I wanted to remind you that A Deadly Brew hit the USA Today bestseller list last month...) So if you haven't gotten the halloween novella, there's no excuse now. It's only .99 cents. And if you like your stories in audio form, A Deadly Brew is available at your local digital seller. But that version isn't .99cents. Have a great week. Lynn #lynncahoon #Fun #holidaynovella #novella #witches #SouthCove

Sugar is the devil and other lies...

Okay, so maybe it's not a lie. I've been going back to my low carb/low sugar lifestyle for the last week. Today I declared a cheat day. It's my birthday. So I had a high (through the roof high) carb breakfast. Which made me sleepy. Then I had chocolate birthday cake which gave me a headache. Good news is I know these foods are triggers for me. But sometimes, it's worth the pain. Tomorrow, I'll be back on bread and water. Or more descriptive, meat and veggies. Do you follow a prescribed diet plan? How's it working?

Oktoberfest -

I love October. One - It's my birthday month. I think as you hit a certain age you should get to celebrate the entire month. :) Two - It's beautiful walking weather. Well, except for today when it's supposed to be 90 degrees. Three - It feels like the start of a new year. Probably because we were trained to start the new school year. I've got three books to finish between now and December 31st, so I've got plenty to keep me busy. Four - We can have campfires at the cabin with soft hoodies and fuzzy boots. What's your favorite season? #fall #october #mybirthday #happybirthday #walking #newyear

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