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Day Drinking

Hi readers,

So I'm going to be switching out the mailing list giveaway from Esmeralda's New Orleans Day Drinking back story to a different story for the Farm to Fork series in the next few months. If you haven't read Day Drinking yet, you can read a copy here -

By making this new story available, I'm hoping it will drive more readers to the Farm to Fork series but also, I hate to have it written and just sitting in my computer files. LOL

This short story was written for the bonus material for the Kobo release of WHO MOVED MY GOAT CHEESE. I found it when I was going through my computer files to make sure I still have a copy of each of the books. I've changed computers over the years and I think I'm missing a few of the early cozies. Especially in the tourist trap series.

So keep your eyes peeled for this exclusive new short. I'll send it out in my newsletter sometime in April so make sure you open the newsletters to get the link.

Happy March!



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