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Killer Green Tomatoes

And another Killer Character post from Angie for your enjoyment. Researching this book, I had fun testing out different Fried Green Tomatoes recipes. The best were in North Carolina. At least so far.


By Angie Turner of KILLER GREEN TOMATOES by Lynn Cahoon

Hi guys, it's Angie again. Well, the County Seat's opening night was amazing. And since that time, Felicia tells me we've been fully booked every night. Of course, we're still only open on weekends, but I hope to change that soon. I want to make sure the people who work for me get as close to full time as possible, if they want the hours. With Hope still in school, I think she's working too many hours as it is. But of course, that's not my call. And it's still summer.

Estebe is taking off soon to run the kitchen for his community's annual festival. It's a pretty big thing. Of course, all festivals here in the Treasure Valley are a pretty big thing. Eagle has a weekend celebrating the Rocky Mountain Oyster. That's one item you'll never see on the County Seat's menu.

Estebe says he wants me to meet someone before he goes. I've been trying to expand my contacts in the farming community in case we need a new supplier in a hurry. Ian's been busy helping Mildred figure out how to run a goat dairy. And Erica and Mrs. Potter haven't been around much lately. I'm going to have to take them a loaf of homemade bread and strawberry jam and get the gossip.

I've got to go, it's feeding time here at the farm. I can hear Precious getting restless on the baby monitor and Mabel is standing at the doorway of the barn, watching the house. Don't tell me animals can't tell time. Of course, Dom is at the door. He knows what we need to do as well.

Hope you stop in at the County Seat next time you're in River Vista. We have a fun summer menu that includes several of my childhood treats, including Nona's fried green tomatoes.



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