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A few years ago at the RWA Literacy signing, I sat next to Catherine Bybee and next to her, Mary Burton. We chatted briefly that year. The next year, Catherine wasn't signing or was at a side table with the bigger authors. So I got to talk to Mary Burton. There are over 500 authors at this signing so you don't sell a lot of books, but it's a great place to network and chat. Mary was very gracious with her knowledge for a new to the mystery genre author (me). And we kept in touch. Last year, she reached out to see if I would be interested in being an anchor author for the anthology SINC-VA was putting together. I couldn't say yes fast enough. So that's where Cayce comes in. Esmeralda (from th

Mother's Day Mayhem Releases

The fifth novella in the Tourist Trap Holiday series is out and doing well. I always hold my breath the first few days of a release. Kind of like when you send your kid off to school the first day. Have fun. Play well with others. I hope you find people who like you... Well, Mother's Day Mayhem is well liked. :) It hit #1 in cozy mysteries on Kobo and got a #1 banner on Amazon in the cozy craft and hobby mysteries... Thanks for liking my kid. :) Lynn 5 Stars - "I would like to spend a holiday in South Cove." Mary B. 4 Stars - "I found myself drawn into the story..." Karen H. 5 Stars - "An easy afternoon read that kept me turning the pages until the end." JoAn MOTHER'S DAY MAYHEM - Availab

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