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A bonus trip - just the thing I needed to wind up 2016

I went to Galveston with the Cowboy this weekend. We ate too much, walked the beach and took a ton of pictures. And we talked.

We've done a couple of these end of year trips now and I'm always thankful for the couple time to talk about what we did right this year and what didn't work out so well. We also focus on our plans for the upcoming year, just to make sure we're on the same track.

We both get busy with our lives, sometimes it's nice just to have a time to check in with each other.

The nice thing for me was this was a completely unplanned trip. I have most of my travel planning done for 2017, (and even some for 2018) but maybe we'll be able to sneak in another one of these impromptu outings for just the two of us.

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