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Re-create... or Filling the Well

The weekend's almost over and for once, my time was mostly spent on fun stuff. Call it a bonus for finishing a book at the first of the month, but I needed a weekend where I didn't think about writing. So we went out to the cabin.

I started reading a book - and got drawn in by the author's deft use of conflict between the love interests. What he wants and what his secret is - is the total opposite of what she needs and her own secret. In the middle, their mutual attraction to each other. Only, he doesn't know she thinks she knows his secret. He just wants a wife.

I went trail riding with my husband and as the group we ride with gathered and talked, one of the kids took off on his dad's side by side. With permission. In the passenger seat? A little girl from another family. They did circles, going in and out of the mud, and generally, had fun. But my writer mind took off and caused a horrible accident and a chance meeting later in life. Where they might fall in love.

Then the kid hit a bolder with the side by side. Joy ride and story ended. (No kids were harmed in the telling of this story. But the side by side had a bent brush guard. )

So yeah, even when I'm not writing, I'm writing. Story telling has always been the way I deal with reality. If he says this, I'll say that...Stories where the smart girl winds up with the misunderstood bad boy... and sometimes, it all starts with a meet cute set in personal history.

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