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Release week mania

It's already started. Fatality by Firelight has had three recipe blogs in the last week, a few review blogs, and two character posts. And it doesn't release until Tuesday.

So what's up with a release week? Authors try to get the word out about the new book as much as possible. I'm on a virtual blog tour, and I'm doing two library events next week. Later this month, I'll run around to all the St. Louis bookstores and sign stock. Then I fly off to Phoenix for a couple of signings with Laura Bradford.

Sales, reviews, timing - it all works together to give the publisher a snapshot of how the book is doing and if they should continue to support the series and the author. I love working with Kensington, so I hope this series will continue.

I'll get this release process done about mid month, then I'll have to start planning the release events for Hospitality and Homicide.

It's a good problem to have, but, man, I'm busy.

Do you have questions about the release process? Ask away and I'll see if I can answer.

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