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Checking in

How are you?

We're doing fine. I've been home since March 20th - with only three trips out since - two this week. No, I'm not going stir crazy - my MIL had a stroke and I was the closest driver at the time. She's doing better and at home so she's happy. Being in the hospital during these times is a little frightening. No visitors. I'm just glad she is a strong woman who knows what she needs.

I've been working (day job) and writing on an Idaho mountains set romance. It's due out mid summer so I've got to get busy, but it's been nice lazing around my fictional Shawnee and seeing the sights.

Do you have a place you like to virtually visit during this time?


Bless you, Ann Decossas!


I visited the Louvre and the Winchester Mystery house, both were fun and interesting!

I'm still working, thereby proving to my husband what I have always said: I am essential. ;) Since he is working as well it doesn't have quite the effect I had hoped. I am nervous every day, but feel blessed to have a job. Especially one I love. If only I were as busy as usual! There is not much worse than sitting at my desk with no work. When I have time off I'm either papercrafting or making masks.

Let me thank Ann Decossas and all of our other frontline workers. You're doing God's work, taking care of the people who are so scared an…


It is crazy times, the University where I work is closed, since I work in the area of receiving and recording food and supplies for Dining Services and there are no students to feed I am layed off for the foreseeable future. Because of health issues I am also not going out too much, I am lucky to be getting food delivered from Instacart, pets items for the boys from Chewy, and books from Amazon, I am fortunate, all this week s new releases came on release day. I am also blessed to have my sister live next door, literally our apartments share a wall, she is in the same boat so we are quarantined together and can go …


I’m glad to see your doing ok. I’m working as a nurse in a small town hospital and keeping well. Thank you for your books.


I love the Facebook groups that I can go to when the world outside seems scarier that "normal!" Now I have another place I can go to actual connect with someone besides my Cajun hubby and our three furbabies!

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