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Alabama bound...

So I'm getting on a plane this week to head to Alabama. Although I've been in the airport before for a lay-over, this is my first real trip to the state. I'm looking forward to soaking in some Alabama hospitality and meeting new readers. But before that, I've got a few things to get off my list. I've already finished final edits, formated, and uploaded my new Castle View romance, OFF SIDES. It will release on February 1st. So excited to get this story of second chances out into the world. And, I've sent off the third in the Farm to Fork series, ONE POTATO, TWO POTATO, DEAD, to my editor. Now a set of copy edits, a set of page proofs, and a developmental edit to get done. And then I get to w

Fighting to come up for air

Kind of figuratively and literally. I got sick a week ago Friday. I know when I'm coming down with something. I get grumpy, things make me cry, and all I want to eat is sugar. Well, typically, it passes with a good night's sleep. This time, not so much. It put me down and out for over a week and sent me scurrying to the doctor's office for drugs. But, I've also received three new 'projects' I've been expecting but hoped to be farther on the current WIP's that I have on my desk to finish before my trip to Alabama. So I'm in the weeds. Good news is I'm feeling somewhat better and hope to be cough free before I go meet and greet my Alabama fans. And I've gotten one of the pesky projects off m

2018 Goals/resolutions/projects

I had my accountability partner call this week and we went over our goals. I never feel like they're quite complete until after that talk, so here goes, in no specific order. #1 Finish my 2018 contracts. This one has been already on my radar as I'm on book deadline, have a set of developmental edits due this month, a set of copy edits due next week, and some marketing posts due to my publisher this month. #2 Learn more about Marketing. I've signed up for a copywriting class that started this week. I'm also part of a marketing masterminds group that I always find something interesting in when I leave the meeting. #3 Get healthy - lose weight, workout more, eat better. And I promptly got sick.

First item checked off for 2018

I've spent the week writing romance as my other author name. The book I just finished and sent to my editor was one I started in early 2017. I'm really glad to get it off my to do list and out in the world. But I'd forgotten how emotional romance is to write. I cried on Saturday when I wrote the black moment where there was no way the couple could be together. Then as they solved their issues in the last chapter, I cried again. Now that I've read through the story, I'm really proud of it. Stories are like that. You finish one, then go on to the next. It's more like crafting a quilt than sitting on a production line, but it's still work. This week it's back to the third Farm-to-Fork book. Ang

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