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July update-Fireworks and Fun

Happy late Canada and 4th of July! I had a lovely weekend, spending it at the lake with good friends and a ride or two on the beast. My husband, The Cowboy, calls our night riding - Date Night.

I've finished Hospitality and Homicide so it's on my editor's desk in NYC waiting for her to have time to read. But just because I finished one book, doesn't mean I'm not working. I've got a book to write in the Castle View series along with edits for book 2 in the Cat Latimer series - Fatality by Firelight.

This month we're heading out to a new to us NASCAR track to see a race. I'll give you a full update when we get back.

And mid-month, I'll be in San Diego with 2000 romance writers learning more about craft, the business, and playing writer dress-up. You won't see me in crazy heels, but the rest of them? Probably.

2014 - my first Literacy Signing

If you're in the area, check out the Literacy Signing. July 13th at the Marriott in San Diego. If there's more than one Marriott in town, we'll be at the one where we can watch the Navy guys working on the ships outside our windows.

Then I get to see my sister for a couple of days in Arizona. I'll have bookmarks with me, so if you're in Tucson, let me know.

When I get back home, it's time to put my head down and write. I've got two more books with 2016 deadlines to write. I have the opening scene for Tourist Trap #9 already planned out in my head. Now to make sure it comes out as perfect as I'm imagining it.

Oh, one more thing. Dressed to Kill is on sale for $1.99 for e-book. Get it while you can.

See you soon...


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