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Chicago on my mind

So this summer, I took three trips up to Chicago. I drove with some local authors for a library event.

For the second trip, I flew by my self and attended BookCon. The event is part of BEA and is huge.

After giving away all my books at the RWA booth - I wandered through the rest of the exhibit.

Then I did what I really came to Chicago for - I walked to the Field Museum and then went to the Terracotta Warriors Exhibit.


The third trip was for Printer's Row and I joined up with a few of my fellow mystery authors to talk about our books and why we kill people off. (In the stories.)

After the panel and signing, I went back to my room and had a mini writer's retreat. Room service, quiet, and by the time I reached back home, I had 10000 more words on my WIP. And a Russian Stacking Doll that will be a major clue in my next cozy.

What did I miss? I didn't get to the bean. Maybe next trip.

What's your favorite part of Chicago? And if you haven't been, what city do you love to visit?

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