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Vacation, my way

So we took off last week for an adventure. We drove down to North Carolina, visited my son in his new digs, and then headed to the coast. The Outer Banks.

Now, my husband wasn't convinced that this was a good idea. The Outer Banks are barrier islands and have water on both sides. He's not big on water since he had a boating incident on the Snake River years ago.

I had us scheduled into a cabin on Hatteras but changed our reservation to a rental house farther north. With Hermine's arrival, I was glad I did. Hatteras had some flooding and visitors were asked to leave the more southern parts of OBX.

We had amazing weather. A few light showers, but still warm enough to swim our last night. I got a lot of beach walks in with and without the dogs. And I made a daily swim in the pool mandatory.

But I also worked. A STORY TO KILL released in the middle of my vacation. I had two Facebook parties that night. And stalking your numbers on Amazon takes some time and mental energy.

The book had twenty 'five' star reviews by the end of the day. I took a chance on this book. Not only does it have the normal cozy mystery, there's an ongoing mystery about Cat's ex husband. And there's a touch of romance with her first love. I adore the book and my new imaginary friends. I hope you enjoy them too.

In addition to the release, I'm working on a new Tourist Trap book. So I had a daily word count to reach. So the pool became my 'reward' for getting my words in. Now that I'm back home, I'll have to use discipline and the joy of seeing the numbers (and the story) build as I work toward the end.

Next year, I'm blocking off the days I'm on vacation and not working at all.

We'll see if I keep that vow. :)

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