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Over 1000 mystery authors walk into a bar in New Orleans...

Yep, it's not a joke, it's next week's plans. Bouchercon, a mystery reader and mystery writer convention is taking over the Big Easy for the week. Several of my mystery friends are already there, soaking up the atmosphere and probably making up stories to write when they return home to their normal life.

Yes, authors do have normal lives. We have to feed the cat, do laundry, and even, sometimes dishes, as we're thinking about our imaginary friends and the adventures they are having.

This week, the adventures are all for the writers.

My plan is to hit as many of the restaurants as possible. I'd love to visit Toups Meatery - owned and operated by Top Chef participant, Issac Toups. And The Commander's Palace, where Emeril got his start. And of course, Cafe Du Monde.

I'm also going to book a ghost tour. My feet are going to kill me after this visit, but I love walking through the French Quarter and the graveyards. And I'd like to check out Cemetery #1 again and see if I react the same way this time. Or if it was a touch of heat stroke that drug me down.

What about you? Do you believe in ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night?

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