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Thanksgiving anticipation...

With Thanksgiving (US) on my mind today, I wanted to pop in and let you all know how thankful I am for my readers and my writing career. It's been a wild four years since The Bull Rider's Brother was published. Now, I have over 20 books available for readers and lots more on my planning board.

This weekend, I worked on the housekeeping chores that get put off during my deadline phases. I'm happy to announce I've got two of the five rooms downstairs cleaned and with three more to go, the house will smell all clean and fresh come Thursday. (Those chandeliers are murder to get clean...)

(Just kidding, not my house...)

I also put together a craft project for a Craft Off that Kensington is putting together for the holidays. I can't show you my entry, but you're going to love it.

Laura Bradford and I are planning a special holiday party for our readers. And in January, I'm hosting a book club for A Story to Kill. We'll talk about the book and there will be prizes...

So stay tuned for all of these fun events coming up soon.

Have yourself a warm and family filled Thanksgiving. I'm trying out a new chocolate pumpkin pie for our celebration. How about you? Celebrating?

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