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We're already almost one month into 2017. Where are you with your new years resolutions?

I decided to focus on two things this year, at least outside my career as an author.

One is exercise. My goal was to work out more times a week than I don't. I'm trying to lose weight. And I want to feel better. I've been doing good, but it's been a struggle. I don't love running. I don't love most exercise, but last year I bought a CIZE workout program. I wasn't the best at it, but I kept trying. This year, I bought Country Heat.

I love it. It's dance based. I know, it's early in the process, but I feel stronger. I can feel the workout. And I like the music.

I don't dread going to exercise. The session is 30 minutes, with a countdown clock which makes it easier to push through to the end. Liking what I do makes it easier to be consistent.

And consistent is my second word. More consistent with workouts, with writing sessions, with touching base with friends.

Both of these words are up on my white board - right under Liliana Hart's quote - "Dreams don't fall into your lap. Make it happen."

Exercise plus Consistent equals work. Work plus luck equals success.

May you be successful might just be a curse. :)

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