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Spring cleaning...

Okay, so it's almost summer, but the Cowboy and I took the weekend and finished up a lot of projects around the house. My office has been painted, new blinds installed and I got the whole room to myself. It still needs a few things, but at least I have no excuse to not write now. :)

This is the first house I've been able to talk him into painting with a color that wasn't white. The office and several of the rooms are terracotta pot, a brownish orange lovely color that picks up the lights.

I also culled my library just a bit. I still have too many books for my five bookshelves, but a girl's gotta have a TBR pile, right?

I'm pulling out my WIP and getting back to Angie Turner and the gang. I don't even have a dead body yet but it's coming soon. I think you're going to enjoy this Farm-to-Fork series that's releasing in 2018.

I'll see you all soon.

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